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Pursue Your Ambitions As If They’re Achievable – Because They Are

     Don’t let anyone get in the way of your ambitions. There are always naysayers and haters who will put obstacles in your path. They tell you that you won’t amount to anything. They call you a dreamer. They

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Your Minute of Motivation – Environment

Conversation with Kevin T. Robertson on Environment

In this episode on Environment, I aim to convey to my audience that the sum of the people around them the most equals the level of success in their lives.

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Dodging the question

During the march toward the washington mall a young man encountered Mr. Ron Cummings, owner of Ghost Riders Co. and apparent ring leader of this small group of Virginia Confederates. In this short clip we see him asking Ron about

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Getting “Educated” About the History of the Confederacy

A couple of Pennsylvania Confederates arrive at the anti-racism counter protest side of the park and are challenged by some of the attendees of the counter protest. Let’s see what happens during the exchange… I think it’s fair to note

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It takes Washington DC just Five and a Half Minutes to Forget A Protest Even Happened

Know Justice, Know Peace

So! Over the Mother’s Day Weekend, I took some video from the front of the Million Mom March protest to the end of the protest and then I taped a little bit longer it turns out that it only takes

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Protest to Stop Police Violence – Protest at the White House

White House Protest

The moment when the protest doubles in size…

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April 29th Protest to Stop Police Violence – Morgan Franklin Interview

Morgan Franklin Interview

Short interview with Morgan Franklin makes highlights the magnitude of the situation of police brutality against People Of Color (POC)

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