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Someone please find the name of that officer!

This is just how ridiculous these police officers get. They are pulling over elderly people with medical emergencies with their guns drawn. This has to stop! Someone please find the name of that officer so he, and all of the

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HA! Interesting Post from Buzz-Feed…

If Black People Said the Stuff White People Say…      Now this could make for some interesting conversation. Let’s do that. Let’s start making it so uncomfortable for them and let’s not only do this as black people. Let’s

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Really dude? AP News : Police: Rapper was carrying loaded gun at airport.

Rapper Too Short has been caught at an airport with a loaded gun. What an idiot! See The Associated Press article here.

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Ferguson News from Al Jazeera. Wait. What?

View the infographic here Why isn’t this plastered all over US Television News?

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George W. Bush Thinks His Brother, Jeb, Wants to Be President

So who’s surprised about this?

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Jobless? There may be some hope for you yet.

According to the Associated Press (as linked below) america’s jobless numbers drop down 8,000 to 287,000 jobless applicants. Which is the lowest number of jobless applications since the last eight years. In my opinion not only is this good for

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Do you know there’s an election this November?

“Democrats don’t even get out to vote to support their own interests.” Alexandra Pelosi There’s something wrong when we have people voting Republican but yet when you go through the laundry list of issues they sometimes don’t have a Republican view

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