Getting “Educated” About the History of the Confederacy

Confederacy Rally

A couple of Pennsylvania Confederates arrive at the anti-racism counter protest side of the park and are challenged by some of the attendees of the counter protest. Let’s see what happens during the exchange…

I think it’s fair to note that you’re inviting resistance when you display a confederate flag and park where a counter protest is occurring and the first part of the clip shows the obvious size of the counter protest. The girl also clearly didn’t know her history and when your symbol has a history of obvious hatred toward people of color, you’re seriously flawed by having pride in a culture that causes fellow humans to suffer due to your ignorance. They all say people need a history lesson well here’s the history. In 1861 the cornerstone speech of the Confederacy Alexander Stephens, the Vice President of the Confederacy made it clear that the south intended to form its own government because they believe that Africans are inferior and believe that it is natural that they live a life of servitude. At that time the flag we now know as the confederate flag belonged to a confederate army of Northern Virginia. An Army that supports the plight of the vice president. About 80 years later, the flag we now know as The Confederate Flag was re-introduced for the racist anti-integration movement because of their hatred of black people, they flew this flag because they didn’t want to integrate with blacks and they wanted lynching to stay legal. Now we have a kid named roof that embraced the Confederate flag and its representative values and tried to start a race war by killing 9 people in a church and your rhetoric is that your flag doesn’t represent hate? You cannot argue away the history of that flag and since you want to attach yourself to the confederacy, you cannot ignore your own history. That’s the bottom line.

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