Dodging the question

Young man interviews confederacy rally participant

Young man interviews confederacy rally participant

During the march toward the washington mall a young man encountered Mr. Ron Cummings, owner of Ghost Riders Co. and apparent ring leader of this small group of Virginia Confederates. In this short clip we see him asking Ron about the confederate flag and what it symbolizes. Let’s see what Ron has to say…

Did you see that? Ron did everything he could to dodge the pointed question inquired by the young man. This is what these people do, when they’re faced with a situation where they have to acknowledge their racist and hateful past, they say nothing or do not respond because they know they will have to say something contrary to their whole premise. Additionally why are you holding on to a flag of a rebel army that lost? Should we also hoist flags of the Vietnam war on your statehouse? How about the French flag in Louisiana? Maybe we should put up an Isis flag too since we’re involved in a war with them? Your logic is flawed at best. How about detaching your own personal identity from a failed Military, Government and Social action based on racism, hate and denial of history?

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