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Getting “Educated” About the History of the Confederacy

A couple of Pennsylvania Confederates arrive at the anti-racism counter protest side of the park and are challenged by some of the attendees of the counter protest. Let’s see what happens during the exchange… I think it’s fair to note

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It takes Washington DC just Five and a Half Minutes to Forget A Protest Even Happened

Know Justice, Know Peace

So! Over the Mother’s Day Weekend, I took some video from the front of the Million Mom March protest to the end of the protest and then I taped a little bit longer it turns out that it only takes

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Someone please find the name of that officer!

This is just how ridiculous these police officers get. They are pulling over elderly people with medical emergencies with their guns drawn. This has to stop! Someone please find the name of that officer so he, and all of the

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Jobless? There may be some hope for you yet.

According to the Associated Press (as linked below) america’s jobless numbers drop down 8,000 to 287,000 jobless applicants. Which is the lowest number of jobless applications since the last eight years. In my opinion not only is this good for

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So what are you saying?: Potential Ebola case sent home with antibiotics

Dallas Texas: The Associated Press today stating that the first ever Ebola case was sent to a Dallas Texas Hospital and been released with antibiotics only despite the fact that the patient that he is been to Liberia. At the

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