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DC HealthLink Website Failure Persists

If you’re a DC Resident looking for healthcare coverage, you’re probably frustrated at this screen. Since 11/15 when the ACA reopened for open enrollment, DC Residents continue to experience failure by the DC HealthLink Team to provide a working website.

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Do you know there’s an election this November?

“Democrats don’t even get out to vote to support their own interests.” Alexandra Pelosi There’s something wrong when we have people voting Republican but yet when you go through the laundry list of issues they sometimes don’t have a Republican view

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How Does Looting Help Anything in Cases of Racial Inequality?

Looting: To steal goods from (a place), typically during a war or riot.      In cases of racial inequality. The minorities who have been violated will sometimes result to mob violence or looting to express emphasis on how they have

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