Watch out PayPal Here Comes Google Wallet


So, I just opened up my Google wallet application for the first time and it seems that Google is about to give PayPal a run for their money. Google wallet not offers a debit card in the MasterCard network. Unlike PayPal, you do not have to have $500 worth of transactions in your account just order it. All you have to do is to identify yourself and they will send you a card in the mail for free. There seems to be no transaction fees whatsoever except for funding your account using a debit card or instantly sending money or paying for something once they have to withdraw money from your debit card, they take 2.3% or $.30 minimum Per transaction.

Also, while identifying yourself for a personal card, it also gives you the opportunity to except payments for services such as consulting, rent payments or something like that.

I’ll be evaluating Google wallet over the next few months and post any headaches if I find any. You already have to be a coder to use Google Merchant so we’ll see…

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