How Does Looting Help Anything in Cases of Racial Inequality?

Photo by Hozinja used under a Creative Commons licence

Photo by Hozinja used under a Creative Commons licence

Looting: To steal goods from (a place), typically during a war or riot.

     In cases of racial inequality. The minorities who have been violated will sometimes result to mob violence or looting to express emphasis on how they have been wronged. In this article I will attempt to show why this strategy does more harm than good in the journey toward racial equality and hopefully a first step toward eliminating the social segregation that still exists in the United States of America.

     The looting following a vigil for a racially charged murder of Michael Brown by a still yet to be named St. Louis Police officer is vexing at best. Amidst the obvious (and frankly annoying) maneuvers taken by St. Louis law Enforcement organizations and the very public pain inflicted onto the Brown Family, this (looting) will only prove to fuel the propaganda machine that continually denigrates the global Black image. A propaganda machine that apparently continues to make fortunes for the major media networks as they proliferate the persistent denigration of The Black Image anywhere that a camera can be placed to capture it. Now in, this situation, the idea of looting for this cause escapes me. Despite the blatant injustice that was committed by the person who was supposed to SERVE AND PROTECT the law abiding citizens of his jurisdiction instead of themselves. Most likely because when I get upset and decide to do something stupid, I only make that infraction toward the person I’m upset with.

While I understand the outrage in regard to this situation, what is looting going to do other than continue to serve the cause of the racists that aim to keep Black people oppressed? When you loot, you are only hurting the businesses in your own neighborhood. People who are not in any way involved with the source of your outrage. Its an excuse for the undeserving, opportunistic leeches in Black Society to commit crimes in mob form. So what happens when those businesses have to close their doors? When all is said and done there will be less businesses in your neighborhood to serve you and less jobs for your neighborhood economy. Then as an excuse for the increased criminal activity in that community people will cite the lack of business presence in that neighborhood and the worse part of this is there will be even more racist police to accost and mistreat people for no apparent reason.

In closing, its more useful to use your frustrations as motivation to organize and decide what is the most effective and dignified response. Seek out opportunities to petition the government whether local or federal to bring the culprit to justice and don’t give up the fight until you get what you want. When there are no black people resorting to violence, eventually innocent Black people won’t have to deal with a lower social status and thus continued systematic (and in this case, direct) racism because a few other black people can’t control their tempers.


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