The Price of Human Vanity: Mass Extinction

What is this, “mass extinction”?

What an alarming way to start the day! After watching The Weather Channel tell me there’s a chance of tornadoes across the entire mid atlantic, the next video up, Mass Extinction. I’m thinking, great! A new warning, how do we avoid it. My stomach sinks as I hear the reporter say “…Earth is undergoing a mass extinction…” What? It’s happening already? Say it ain’t so!

But it is so!

According to we are losing biodiversity so quickly that they’re unable to calculate the ecological cost and this problem is causing vast ecological changes.

“Such animal declines will cascade into ecological functioning and human well-being. Much remains unknown about this “Anthropocene defaunation”; these knowledge gaps hinder our capacity to predict and limit defaunation impacts.”

There’s a 25% average decline in abundance among Terrestrial Vertebrates (Land Animals) since 1500 and 322 species have already become extinct. 67% of monitored invertebrate populations show a 45% mean abundance decline.

What can I do about this?

So far, It appears the scientists are unable to figure how quickly we’re damaging the earths species so we’re at a serious disadvantage…

And its all our fault.Earth's Sixth Mass Extinction

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